And the First AdvoConnection Spotlight is on…

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And the First AdvoConnection Spotlight is on…

It’s been in the works for a little while, and today we’re happy to announce a new way for some APHA members to promote their capabilities… the AdvoConnection Advocate Spotlight! Why the Spotlight? AdvoConnection Directory Listed members are doing wonderful work on behalf of their clients. We wanted a way to tell stories about patients and families who have benefited in so many ways from working with these skilled advocates. Their stories will trigger recognition among potential clients and will encourage them to contact advocates who can provide the help they need. Meet APHA’s First Advocate in the Spotlight: Nancy Hiatt Thanks to APHA member Nancy Hiatt, who stepped up to the spotlight plate first. She boldly went where no other member has gone before!  Find her on the AdvoConnection Homepage, then link to her Spotlight page, too. Each time we have a new spotlighted member, we will feature him or her right here on the blog. You’ll get to know them one-by-one. If you are an APHA Premium, directory-listed member, we would love to feature you too!  Simply log into your membership dashboard, and find a link to the spotlight instructions. LEARN ABOUT APHA MEMBERSHIP   |  FIND MORE REASONS PATIENTS NEED ADVOCATES

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