Adding Guardianship as a Service to Your Advocacy Practice

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February 2020

As advocates, we know we do not make decisions for clients. That’s spelled out clearly in our standards and ethics.

However, the reality of our work sometimes means our clients cross that line from the place where they are perfectly capable of self-determination, to a place where they aren’t capable – and need help. Or, they may realize that the time will come, some day (even if not today) that they may need a decision-maker to advocate for them. This is particularly true of Solo Seniors / Elder Orphans.

How do we, as advocates who DON’T make decisions for clients shift our position to decision-maker? Is that something we, as business owners, want to do? Are we competent to do so? Do we meet the criteria? Can we legally provide such services?

Jenny Schmidt, our expert for this call, is the principle of Black Hills Advocate. She has answered those questions and crossed that bridge herself, and only three years into starting her advocacy practice, has become highly successful providing services ranging from advocacy, to guardianship, to conservatorship, too.

Jenny will describe the differences among these service areas, and the legal and competency updates we need to make to offer such services in our own practices. We’ll discuss a range of topics from what sorts of services can be provided, to the legal differences that need to be addressed in our contracts, to how to find guardianship clients (including hospitals, law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, and others), and how to get paid for doing this work.

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