Video Viewing Problems and Solutions

video error

All APHA videos use Vimeo for processing and to allow access.

Vimeo allows us to choose specifically which websites our videos can be viewed on. This is important because, as a membership organization, we want to reserve our videos for members only.

But sometimes it doesn’t work correctly. That’s likely the case for you if you have accessed this page.

To view the video on a computer, try this first:

Clear your browser cache.  (Browsers = Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, and others.) Browsers “save” old information so you can see a page much more quickly, but sometimes we need to delete that cache to get the latest copy of the page.  To clear your cache, hit the “reload” or “refresh” button on your browser.

You can also try closing the page, then closing your browser, then re-opening the browser, then linking again to the page. That can sometimes clear the cache.

Be sure you are logged in to myAPHA after these changes or you’ll just get a different error.

You can also try rebooting your computer – turning it off, then turning it back on. That can sometimes clear the cache.

To view the video on a device (phone or tablet), try this first:

To clear your cache on an iPhone or iPad, read what Apple has to say.

To clear your cache on an Android device (phone or tablet), see what Google has to say.

For any device, you can try rebooting your device – turning it off, then turning it back on. That can sometimes clear the cache.

Don’t forget to log in again to

If clearing the cache does not work for you:

Then try using a different browser. (Example: if you are using Edge, try Chrome or Firefox)  Unfortunately, that may mean you have to log in again, but it will probably be worth the effort since it should allow you to watch the video.

If a different browser will not work, then try with a different device. (Example: if you are using your phone, try it with your computer.)

If you have tried everything above and still cannot get it to work:

…then please contact us.  We have no other ability to make it work on your device except to try additional outreach to Vimeo. The advice above is what they have already provided to us.

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