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To: New RNPAs

Welcome to the
Alliance of Professional Health Advocates!

(Are you already a member? See note below.)

We are pleased to welcome you to APHA. As budding PRIVATE and INDEPENDENT patient advocates, we know how important it will be for you to understand the business of advocacy, and that’s the role we will play in your professional development.

Getting involved is quite simple; just three steps:

  1. You’ll apply for a PACE membership* (PACE = Patient Advocacy Career Exploration) You can learn more about PACE membership benefits here.
  2. You will have immediate access to your new membership.
  3. Within a day, you will receive your Welcome Email with orientation, and instructions for logging in, so you can take advantage of the wealth of information we provide to advocates, including access to legal information, contracts and forms, marketing support, and more.

*It’s very simple to get started!

Just fill in the following form. You will receive an email immediately that will give you links and instructions.



We’re pleased to welcome you to the
Alliance of Professional Health Advocates!

Email us:

This membership was first implemented in September 2015 through an agreement between the RNPA program and APHA.

We’re sorry, but previous RNPA students (those enrolled prior to the September 2015 cohort) are not eligible for this program.




Are you already a member of the Alliance?

If so, please send us an email (address at right) to let us know you are already a member.

  • If you are a PACE member, we will add an extra year to your PACE membership.
  • If you are a Premium member, we will add two months to your Premium membership.
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Registration is now open.
Enroll today and break up the fee into four
interest-free monthly payments of $424.75.
APHA members get another $100 off