100 Days to Launch Your Practice

Lesson 2: Setting the Stage for You and Your New Practice


There are two parts to this lesson as we orient your thinking about health and patient advocacy, what it is, where it came from, how it’s different from what the rest of the healthcare system offers, and what your success will be based on, too.

Task One – Understanding What a Successful Practice Requires

This video will help you get started with a good understanding of exactly what independent health and patient advocacy is – and where you will fit in this profession.

Once you’ve completed this video, please return to this page for Task Two, below.

Task Two – Assignment

  1. Your first reading assignment is in the The Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook (SGOP*)  Read Chapters 1 and 2. 
  2. Download the SGOP workbook and take the personal assessment found on pages 3 to 7.  Use it to determine what you hope to get out of this program, and to provide you with some confidence that YES! YOU are ready to do this!
  3. Go to the Discussion Forum and post your results.  (Nothing long winded required!)  Based on your personal assessment results, tell us:
    • What your strengths are. Be bold and honest!
    • What you think your weaknesses are (meaning – you hope/expect to get help with it thru this course.)
    • What you think we might have missed (what didn’t the personal assessment ask you that you expected to be asked?)
    • What surprised you, if anything. What skills or personal attributes did you find that you didn’t expect?

  • If you find a broken link, have a tech problem, or have a comment or suggestion about the program, then contact us.
  • If your question or answer is about your lesson or advocacy, or could be of interest to one or more others, please post in the Discussion Forum 

*SGOP is The Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – the green book.
*BMH is the The Health Advocate’s Basic Marketing Handbook – the gold book.
*AMH is The Health Advocate’s Advanced Marketing Handbook – the purple book.

Don’t yet own these books? 
Find your APHA Academy discounts here.

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