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Winter-Spring 2022 Cohort


100 Days to Launch Your Practice

Week 5:
Lesson 9: Live Lesson Follow Up
Lesson 10: Legal Considerations for Advocates

Due Date:  Monday, February 28

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This is a busy week with our Live Class on Monday, and then an extra lesson, too.

Lesson 9 was our live class which reviewed everything to date, and discussed what’s coming up in the near future.

Lesson 10 will delve into the legal considerations of a practice: contracts, HIPAA, and more. Importantly, we’re also going to review some of the ways to prevent problems that might relate to those laws and contracts, too.

Lesson Tasks

Lesson 9  – live lesson (see video below)

Lesson 10 – Legal Considerations

  • Find the video for legal considerations below.  21 minutes.  It’s not meant to teach you all about contracts. It is meant to give you some foundational understanding, and even more so to help you prevent problems from occurring.
    Plus: One of the essential understandings of private, independent advocacy, is the Allegiance Factor. It helps explain so much about our work and our value. (If you haven’t already done so,  take the course at PracticeUP!  It will take you 15 minutes. It’s been added to your Dashboard – so go for it.  

Questions?  Ask them in the Discussion Forum.

Additional Reading and Resources

(Optional and Helpful)

Lesson 9 Follow Up
Lesson 10 Follow Up
    • Find the contracts APHA provides here. (client, guarantor (payment guarantee), subcontractor, HIPAA)
    • More legal-based information can be found linked from the APHA Legal and Ethics Center. This includes things like plagiarism and the client termination process.
    • Chapter Ten in SGOP (page 127) covers some of the information found in the Lesson 10 video, plus some more miscellaneous topics like choosing your business formation ( sole proprietor, LLC, etc), plus Advocacy Malpractice, and Client Records and Storage.

Discussion Forum

Link to the Connect! Discussion Forum to discuss this lesson with your fellow students.

Live lesson #2 Video

Lesson 10 Video


*SGOP is The Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – the green book – just a quick and easy acronym!

*SGOP is The Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – the green book – just a quick and easy acronym!

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