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Winter-Spring 2022 Cohort


100 Days to Launch Your Practice

Week 10:

Lesson 19: Blogging and Social Media

Due:  Monday, April 4 – with an assignment!

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Two more vitally important web marketing tactics for advocates:  blogging, and social media, are covered in this lesson. Plus we’ll look at a few simple (and not-so-simple) additional web tactics to use, too.

Note: you have an assignment below!  Hope you enjoy putting it together.

Lesson Tasks

  • Please watch the video (below – 26 minutes) which focuses on blogging, and then general social media.  We also cover a few additional tactics you may want to try (two that are very simple!).
  • Take note of additional questions and post them in the Discussion Forum.

Questions?  Ask them in the Discussion Forum.

Additional Reading and Resources

(Optional but Helpful – Use these readings and resources to clarify or expand on the tasks above.)

*Some history for you:  the APHA blog was originally called the AdvoConnection blog when it was launched in 2010.  We didn’t become APHA until late 2012!  So that APHA blog was also relaunched at that time. Then the AdvoConnection blog was relaunched in 2017 – written specifically for patients, not advocates.  In fact, you can use it for links in your future newsletter because it’s written specifically for your audiences.


  • As per the video:  determine where you will blog (on your own website?  on a separate one?)
  • Write your intro post (see samples linked above)
  • Come up with at least three ideas for posts and what they would include.  Remember – short subjects are best, so if you think of a big topic, consider how you might break it into smaller ones.  Post your ideas to the discussion forum.

Discussion Forum

Link to the Connect! Discussion Forum to discuss this lesson with your fellow students.

(Ignore “Lesson 21” – For our WS 2022 purposes, this is Lesson 19)

*SGOP is The Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – the green book – just a quick and easy acronym!

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