100 Days to Launch Your Practice

Week 3:  Lesson 5 – Ethics
Week 3:  Lesson 5 – Financial Basics

Due Date:  October 4, 2022

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Our lessons this week are both heavy-duty, and both vitally important to your practice.

Both lessons are delivered through the PracticeUP! website and both these courses are well-regarded by previous students. (If you have already taken one or both, please feel free to take them again – or maybe you’re already comfortable?  It’s entirely up to you.)

You should have already registered* at PracticeUP! so you’ll be set up to take them – they have both been added to your PracticeUP! account.*
(*Not yet registered for PracticeUP! – please let us know when you register so we can add you to the cohort list, and then you won’t have to pay for the courses. They are already paid through this 100 Days program. Registration instructions are found in Lesson 4.)

  • Just log in to PracticeUP!  here: 
  • You will see both courses listed on your Dashboard.
  • Please do not try to register for them. You already have access to them, so that’s not necessary (and probably won’t work anyway.)
Lesson 5 is about Advocacy Ethics
  • If you have not yet become certified, this course will put you in the right frame of mind for what you can, and should, and cannot ethically do or be as a patient advocate. You’ll have a better understanding of the 3 existing main ethics codes and what they stand for. Important!  If you plan to become certified and think you may need the CEs, then don’t complete the course just yet. You can stop just before the last page, then return to it once you’re ready to earn the CEs.
  • If you are already certified, you’ll need 6 Ethics CEs for recertification of your BCPA. This course will provide two of them – a good step in that direction.
Lesson 6 is Advocacy Finances

… the tough, probably kinda boring, but essential background you’ll need to set yourself up in a successful business.  This is an area many of you said you felt unsure about, so I ask you to remember you can post questions and discuss with each other in the Discussion Forum.

Next week we’re going to work on pricing your services, so this is the preparation and foundation you will need to do that.

Lesson Tasks and Assignments

  • Be sure you have added our upcoming Live Lessons to your calendar. They are:
    • Monday, October 10 at 1 PM eastern / 12 noon central / 11 AM mountain / 10 AM pacific / 9 AM Alaska

    • Wednesday, November 16 at 2 PM eastern / 1 PM central / 12 noon mountain / 11 AM pacific / 10 AM Alaska

    • Monday, December 12 at 1 PM eastern / 12 noon central / 11 AM mountain / 10 AM pacific / 9 AM Alaska

  • Lesson 5 is The Ethics of Advocacy  The course, located at PracticeUP! will take you 2 to 2-1/2 hours. Go ahead and log in to your Dashboard and you’ll see that this course has now been added.
  • Lesson 6 is Financial Basics: Budgeting, Cash Flow, and Capitalization. This course, also located at PracticeUP! (and it, too, has been added to your Dashboard), will take you 1-2 hours. It will take some of the sting and fear out of this financial stuff for you.
  • It will be important to complete both these programs before we have our next live class (October 10). You’ll have questions, and that will be a great time to review and discuss.

Additional Reading and Resources

(Optional but Helpful)

    • SGOP* Chapter Seven:  Money Matters, Expenses, Management, and Funding (page 75)
    • SGOP* Chapter Twelve:  Code of Conduct, Ethics and Standards (Page 159)
    • You won’t need the SGOP workbook for either one because those tasks will have been covered in the courses.


*SGOP is The Start and Grow Your Own Practice Handbook – the green book – just a quick and easy acronym!

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