A Louder Voice

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A Louder Voice

This post was contributed by Martine Brousse, AdvimedPro a mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice.   The majority of patient advocates are independent business owners, performing a number of tasks themselves. I am my own CEO, employee, bookkeeper, IT gal, advertising agency and, on Friday afternoons, cleaning lady. While a number of these jobs can be outsourced, I encourage mentees and advocates to take the time and make the effort to perform one specific task themselves: getting “out there”. Not only is public speaking a great way to get your name out and lock in potential clients, but generating interest in and informing a public about advocacy, all too unaware of our profession, is a good thing for all of us. Over the past few years, I have accepted every opportunity to speak, network, inform, educate and get the word out about patient advocates. Here are some examples that you might consider: Volunteer to give workshops for local support groups or patient organizations such as cancer centers (mine are on reducing and managing the cost of cancer). If your niche relates mostly to older folks, contact senior centers or retirement homes, to give talks about Medicare coverage…



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