8 End-of-the-Year Tasks for Smart Care Professionals

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8 End-of-the-Year Tasks for Smart Care Professionals

You may be in the process of making up your holiday shopping and to-do lists… So while you are at it, here’s another important list to make – this one for your advocacy practice. When if you complete these tasks before December 31, you’ll set the stage for an even better business year in 2016! Included on your list should be tasks that address money, marketing, taxes and legal matters, plus others you think of that will help you grow, prosper, and support your patient-clients who so desperately need your skills. Here are some ideas to get you started on your end-of-the-year list: Client Service 1. Current Clients: Consider giving them a holiday gift. It doesn’t need to be elaborate, and it shouldn’t be pricey. You might bake them some cookies, or put together a small fruit basket. Maybe there is a book with appropriate sentiments, or you could make a small donation in their name to a charity that represents their medical problem. (Past Clients:  see an end-of-the year idea for them in “Marketing” below.) Money, Taxes and Legal Review 2.  Review your contracts for each client to be sure you are on track, and you’re not either missing something, or providing services you can’t get paid for that would call for expanding the contract. APHA Premium members can find a sample contract in the Legal Center, accessible from their dashboards. 3.  Clean up your bookkeeping for the year. Make sure you aren’t missing any receipts that are business-related and tax-deductible For example: I sometimes forget to print out or save a receipt that has been sent to me in email, and since I make a lot of online purchases for my businesses, those missing receipts could represent a lot of missed tax-deductions. 4.  Reduce your income taxes by paying business-related bills before December 31 and contributing to your retirement account. If you think you’ll be taking a big hit on income taxes for this year, you might make a large business-related purchase before the end of the year, too, such as a new computer or other device, or even…

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