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Clients’ Needs Assessments:  Approach, Pricing, and Managing Expectations

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Monday, February 27
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

A potential new client phones you, describes her situation, and you just know you can help!  Your reaction to her is crucial:  How do you assess her need? What do you say when she asks you what your charge?  Do you charge her for planning the scope of service?  How do you discuss your contract with her? And when do you introduce the cost and payment?

New advocates often have difficulty with the process of assessing need, and asking for money.  Even some longer-time advocates still trip over these steps and know they could handle them better. Do you find yourself wondering if you’ve done it right, or if you could do it more efficiently and effectively?  Do you feel like you spend too much time with “free assessments” or “free initial consultations” – only to have that person hang up the phone with no contract signature forthcoming? Have you considered compensation for the planning you do and how you would go about charging for that work?

We’ve invited three advocacy veterans, all with successful practices, to talk about their approaches to these first major steps of working with potential and new clients.  Linda Adler, Cindi Gatton, and Nancy Ruffner will walk us through the processes they use, and will be happy to answer any pre-submitted questions you have on this topic.

Join us to learn more about this early client service step which is so crucial to the success of your practice.


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Medical Billing & SIG Call:

Paying for Healthcare Services that Fall Outside of Routine Hospital and Physician Care

> Medical Billing and Claims SIG - All members are invited!

Please note alternative date:  Tuesday, March 7
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

During this call we will learn how home health, rehabilitation therapies, skilled nursing facilities and specialized homes for seniors are covered under commercial insurers and MCR. She will advise on how to properly count insurance-covered days, especially with Medicare, understand what Medicare Lifetime Reserve Days are and how to utilize them properly to minimize hospital and other facility live-in costs. She will give tips on how to best advocate for our clients, from bill reduction to discharge management.

Our expert for this call is APHA member Lisa Berry Blackstock. Lisa began working as an independent patient advocate in 1990 in Los Angeles as an adjunct to her work as an estate administrator. After needing to advocate for herself in 2007 when she required brain surgery to correct a misdiagnosed and painful nerve disorder. She then changed her professional focus to full-time patient advocacy and launched her company, Soul Sherpa, in 2008. In June 2016 Lisa launched an educational patient advocacy app, DependableDoc. She believes the future of patient advocacy is filled with potential for advocates to accomplish both meaningful work and build viable practices.

A Q&A session will follow Lisa's presentation.



Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, Lack of Diagnosis – The Quality of Your Clients’ Care and Life Depends on Getting it Right

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Monday, March 20
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

One in 20 people in America, or 12 million people each year, will receive a late, delayed or incorrect diagnosis according to peer-reviewed research published in BMJ  in 2015*. If you do the math, it means that each of us will receive a misdiagnosis at least once throughout our lifetime.

The problem, of course, is that with a wrong diagnosis, or no diagnosis at all, patients cannot receive the correct, necessary treatment. The same research showed that half of these cases, or approximately 6 million people, suffer harm from such an error, either from the wrong treatment, or lack of the right therapy all together that many times leads to permanent damage or death.
How can you tell if your clients have been properly diagnosed? And if there is doubt, or a diagnosis is lacking, even if you are quite sure the diagnosis is incorrect, how can you right that ship to be sure your clients are getting the care they need?
Io Dolka, MS, Chief Care Advocate of Greyzone knows this conundrum well. Io spent decades pursuing the right diagnosis for herself so she could get the right treatment.  Based on her own experiences, she has now built her advocacy to help others pursue the right answers for themselves.
Io will walk us through the questions and processes you can use to assure your clients are getting the answers they need. She’ll also tell us about Greyzone and the services it provides to patients – and advocates – alike.

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DO Talk to Strangers – How to Overcome Your Fear of Networking to Build Strong Relationships for Business Success

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Wednesday, April 5
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

Networking and building relationships goes along with the territory when you’re building your patient advocate practice. It might seem easy to build your business through online relationships. But in reality, we live in a world with other humans. Since humans are still wired to connect interpersonally, our success depends on overcoming and managing our fear of networking, and having face-to-face conversations as we develop relationships with those other humans – who may become clients or referral sources.

On this call, you’ll learn

  • What networking is and is not   
  • Why online networking/marketing is not enough
  • The best places for patient advocates to network
  • 3 tips for feeling more comfortable at networking events
  • The most common networking mistake, and how to avoid it
  • How to convert conversations into continuing connections

Our expert for this topic is Lori Saitz. As a child, Lori's report cards included notes like, "Lori is very bright but she needs to learn how to speak up in class." As an adult she became an entrepreneur where she learned how vital it is to comfortably manage networking situations, start conversations, and build relationships with potential clients and referral sources.

Today Lori is a speaker and networking strategy coach. Known as the Quiet Girl's Guide, she helps other "quiet girls" -- like you! -- get past their fear of networking so they can find success in their business lives.

Join Lori on this call to learn more about her story, and to let her help you overcome the intimidation you feel and begin to get comfortable at networking events.

  • Registration for this call will begin mid-March.