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Dealing with Problem Clients

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Wednesday, March 22
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

You engage with a new client, do your assessment, and begin your work. Early on you learn that your client has withheld information, or didn’t share all the facts, and therefore you can’t complete the promised work.  Or maybe he becomes abusive and rude, creating a huge rift in your communication. Maybe she has promised the doctor she’ll adhere to treatment, and you know she never filled her prescription, which means her outcomes will not be what she had hoped. Or you negotiate his hospital bill with a promise to the hospital that he’ll pay a lump sum by a certain date – and he doesn’t – damaging your reputation for fair negotiation with that hospital.

While most of our plans and clients move along well, in a positive direction, with outcomes that are good (or least acceptable), not all clients make that possible. Sometimes a lack of success isn’t about the situation or the work; it’s about clients who stand in the way and try to drag you down with them.  

So how do we deal with these problem clients?  What are our responsibilities to them?  What does the law say about our dealings with them?  Is there a way we can prevent problems to begin with?

Anne Llewellyn will be our expert for this call.  Anne is well known among APHA members for her experience and willingness to share her knowledge. If you have an experience to share ahead of time, please do so on your registration form - and we'll try to address it during the call.

You’ll come away from this call prepared to handle a variety of client-imposed barriers to successful outcomes.

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DO Talk to Strangers – How to Overcome Your Fear of Networking to Build Strong Relationships for Business Success

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Wednesday, April 5
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

Networking and building relationships goes along with the territory when you’re building your patient advocate practice. It might seem easy to build your business through online relationships. But in reality, we live in a world with other humans. Since humans are still wired to connect interpersonally, our success depends on overcoming and managing our fear of networking, and having face-to-face conversations as we develop relationships with those other humans – who may become clients or referral sources.

On this call, you’ll learn

  • What networking is and is not   
  • Why online networking/marketing is not enough
  • The best places for patient advocates to network
  • 3 tips for feeling more comfortable at networking events
  • The most common networking mistake, and how to avoid it
  • How to convert conversations into continuing connections

Our expert for this topic is Lori Saitz. As a child, Lori's report cards included notes like, "Lori is very bright but she needs to learn how to speak up in class." As an adult she became an entrepreneur where she learned how vital it is to comfortably manage networking situations, start conversations, and build relationships with potential clients and referral sources.

Today Lori is a speaker and networking strategy coach. Known as the Quiet Girl's Guide, she helps other "quiet girls" -- like you! -- get past their fear of networking so they can find success in their business lives.

Also participating in this call will be APHA member, Mary Anne Hardy, who has worked with Lori to improve her networking abilities. Mary Anne will share her experiences

Join Lori and Mary Anne on this call to learn more about their stories, and how you, too, can overcome the intimidation you feel so you can begin to get comfortable at networking events.

  • Registration for this call will begin late March.


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Medical Billing & SIG Call:

Negotiations 101: 0verview and Tips to Success

> Medical Billing and Claims SIG - All members are invited!

Tuesday, April 11
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

On the menu: an overview of the negotiation and conflict resolution process, guidance through the steps to success, effective tools and tips, and real case examples.

This session will be presented by SIG Manager, Martine Brousse. Martine is the founder and President of AdviMed, a patient advocacy company, has over two decades of medical billing management expertise. Using her extensive experience and insider knowledge from coding to appeals, she helps clients audit accounts, lower medical bills, resolve insurance payment issues and defend their rights.

A certified mediator, she gets results through negotiation skills, legal knowledge and outside-the-box thinking. She freelances as a negotiator for small insurance companies to minimize out of network member liability.  Martine has authored a book on lowering the cost of cancer and lectures on managing medical financial liability.



Diagnosis, Misdiagnosis, Lack of Diagnosis – The Quality of Your Clients’ Care and Life Depends on Getting it Right

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Monday, June 12 (Rescheduled from March)
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

One in 20 people in America, or 12 million people each year, will receive a late, delayed or incorrect diagnosis according to peer-reviewed research published in BMJ  in 2015*. If you do the math, it means that each of us will receive a misdiagnosis at least once throughout our lifetime.

The problem, of course, is that with a wrong diagnosis, or no diagnosis at all, patients cannot receive the correct, necessary treatment. The same research showed that half of these cases, or approximately 6 million people, suffer harm from such an error, either from the wrong treatment, or lack of the right therapy all together that many times leads to permanent damage or death.
How can you tell if your clients have been properly diagnosed? And if there is doubt, or a diagnosis is lacking, even if you are quite sure the diagnosis is incorrect, how can you right that ship to be sure your clients are getting the care they need?
Io Dolka, MS, Chief Care Advocate of Greyzone knows this conundrum well. Io spent decades pursuing the right diagnosis for herself so she could get the right treatment.  Based on her own experiences, she has now built her advocacy to help others pursue the right answers for themselves.
Io will walk us through the questions and processes you can use to assure your clients are getting the answers they need. She’ll also tell us about Greyzone and the services it provides to patients – and advocates – alike.

> *Ref:

  • Registration will begin in mid-May.