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Managing Client Expectations

> Connect! with Anne - Reservations are limited.

Tuesday, July 11
1 to 1:45 pm eastern | 12 to 12:45 am central
11 to 11:45 am mountain | 10 to 10:45 am pacific
When someone suffers troubling symptoms, is diagnosed with something frightening, or is facing difficult treatment or even end-of-life, we sometimes find wishful thinking comes into play. When they reach out for an advocate and carry on the conversation about possibilities, they might not hear the words being spoken. Rather, they hear what they want to hear. Denial is not just a river in Egypt!

While those are extreme examples, managing expectations, can be very difficult.  Further, if wrong assumptions or understandings on their parts are left uncorrected, it can lead not just to a worse outcome for them, but legal trouble for you too.  

Connect with Anne Llewellyn and others for this call. Share your own stories of times clients didn’t understand you well, or situations you are worried you may encounter someday. Discuss possible ways to handle expectations management to ensure your clients understand what they can expect and how you can support their understanding.

Please Note:  Attendance on these calls is limited - first-come, first served!  Register early!

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Amen! How Religion and Spirituality Can Support Your Advocacy Practice

> APHA Expert Call-in - All members are invited!

Wednesday, July 12
7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

Many advocates feel called to their work, either because of a personal experience, or because they believe that doing good for others is just part of who they are.  That speaks to our own religion or spirituality and why we do the work we do.
But just as important is the religious and spiritual orientation of our clients and potential clients, no matter what that faith-base might be.  Connecting with them through churches, synagogues, or mosques is a great way to expand your ability to help others, while expanding your practice, too.
Yes – we’re talking about marketing – finding new clients through houses of worship. They might come through referrals, or you may have an opportunity to speak to a church or synagogue group, or sometimes just word of mouth will work well.  An interesting twist is how payment for your services might be made.  Religion-based meeting places which are focused on doing good, and providing love and support, may have resources you aren’t familiar with that can help you help more people, and get paid for it, too.
Teri Dreher, NShore Advocates, and member of APHA, has begun to tap into this market with some big successes. It not only feeds her soul, but supports her belief system, and her practice bottom line, too.  She’ll be our guest for this call, helping us understand how she connects with, then supports, the people of faith through the churches she has worked with.