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An Update on Patient Advocate Certification

Wednesday, September 20

(Please note change from our usual Expert Call-in time)
4PM eastern / 3 PM central / 2 PM mountain / 1 PM pacific

Many advocates and those who are considering advocacy as a career have interest in becoming certified in their profession. Recognizing the importance of certification for both advocates and the patient-clients they serve, the Patient Advocate Certification Board (PACB) has been working to develop that certification since late 2012.

And now – we’re close! The PACB anticipates offering the first certification exam in early 2018.

Of course, advocates have many questions about everything from eligibility to be certified, to specifics about the test, to locations, costs, recertification, and much more.

To help you understand our progress, and the steps still to be taken, the PACB invites you to participate in this update call-in. Hear more about the development of the certification, what it will mean for you and your practice, the answers to those questions and many more.

Learn more about the PACB.

Important note!  We are forced to limit the number of callers who can register and participate (our technology is limited). APHA members will be joined by non-members with interest in hearing from the PACB, so please register early for this call. (However, also important to note, the call will be recorded so if you cannot call-in, you will be able to listen to the podcast afterward.)

If you are not an APHA member and received an invitation to attend this call, please register here.



Our Second Out of Network Campfire - BYOM!

Monday, October 16

7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

In Spring 2016, the Medical Billing & Claims SIG (Special Interest Group) hosted its first Out of Network Campfire, tackling those thorny provider, billing, and claims issues that result when clients are treated "out of network" (meaning - their insurance does not contract with the facility or provider who treats them, and they get stuck with outrageous bills).

Now our entire APHA membership is invited to BYOM (bring your own marshmallows!) to a re-ignited Out of Network Campfire. Three experienced APHA members, all experts in health plan appeals and provider negotiations – Lisa Berry Blackstock, Lorie Gardner and Rick Pugach – will explain out of network coverage issues, present considerations in deciding whether to pursue an appeal for denied out of network services, and discuss questions submitted by you - our member callers.

Your campfire hosts will welcome questions about medical necessity determinations or other thorny health plan matters in addition to out of network services. Important! All questions must be submitted by Wednesday, October 11 to be considered for discussion.

• Registration for this call will begin in mid-September. 



Not Magic or VooDoo – Cellular Therapies May Work for Your Clients

Tuesday, November 7

7 PM eastern / 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain / 4 PM pacific

As advocates, one of the most important roles we might play is to be sure our clients learn about all their treatment options, and that they learn enough to make their own choices, not just default to a provider’s.

Of course, “all” options depends on a client’s point of view. Do they want to know about “all” those that their insurance covers – but no more? Or “all” those that may be in clinical trials but aren’t yet approved? Do they want to include “all” complementary and alternative possibilities? And what about “all” those that aren’t available yet in the US or Canada but might be offered in a nearby country such as the Bahamas? Further, what if there are possibilities available that the provider is unaware of? Do they want to know about those, too?

Kathy Hebert has been there, and done that, and her decision was to elect a form of cellular therapy that is not yet being performed in the US. Since she’s the expert for this call, you know she survived her experience! But her story will not only fascinate you, but it will set the stage for what she has learned, accomplished, and now teaches others too.

Join us for this call-in with an open mind, and learn more about Kathy’s experience and the possibilities for some of your clients, too.

• Registration for this call will begin in mid-October.