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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

COVID-19 Advocacy Update #4
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We continue to identify the many ways we can support you
in an effort to balance your need to stay safe with your desire
to grow your patient-service practice during this critical time.

Our Tuesday Agendas will continue to reflect this focus
as long as need be.

Of course, if at any time you can think of any way we can
support your needs, please do reach out!
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Many of our members with clinical credentials - doctors, nurses, advanced practice nurses, physician assistants, and others -- are working on the front lines to defeat this virus and end this pandemic.

Many others are volunteering their time to make others' lives easier and allay some of their fears in the midst of this horror.

Our sincere thanks to each of you for
helping others through this crisis.
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bullet Master List of Coronavirus / COVID-19 Resources for Advocates and Clients
Resources continue to be added daily.
bullet new Crisis Conversations (2 new podcasts):

Providing Advocacy COST Services During a Pandemic (5 experts discuss this topic)

Mind Your Marketing During a Pandemic (2 of our best marketers discuss this topic)
bullet updated The APHA blog has several COVID-19 related posts now, including:

• Fostering the Right Attitude for Your Clients and Your Practice
• Starter Ideas for Helping Clients During a Pandemic
• Finding Opportunities During this Crisis

Find them all listed and linkable from here.
bullet updated Tools for Use During the COVID-19 Crisis (Telehealth, Video Conferencing - alternatives to Zoom)
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APHA Expert Call-in
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Your Clients and Medical Cannabis – Assessing Interest and Providing Resources

Tuesday, April 28

Has the topic of medical cannabis (marijuana) come up in conversations with clients or prospective clients? Did you feel informed enough to carry on that conversation? Do you know the laws in your state or province?

Or, is the medical cannabis train leaving and you haven’t yet hopped aboard?
  As more and more states legalize medical cannabis, questions arise as they regard its fit and appropriateness as a treatment for challenges from pain to mobility, from suffering to comfort. It’s possible your clients know even more about it than you do. And it’s possible you know enough that you should be raising the topic with them if they don’t.

Josephine Krehl is the Founder of MMJ Knowledge, LLC and serves in the role of Statewide Clinical Community Relations for OnePlant, a medical cannabis business in Florida. As our guest for this call-in, she’ll guide us through the basics we need to know to help our clients, ranging from legality, to knowing when cannabis may be appropriate, to finding recommenders, to delivery mechanisms, to insurance coverage, plus how to carry on the conversation with our clients.
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March AdvoConnection Directory
Top Search and SEO* congrats to:
bullet Laura Mendez
bullet Mary Daniel
bullet Rob Berman
These members had the most visits to their AdvoConnection Directory listings in March.

*SEO = Search Engine Optimization = tweaking your listing so search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing include your listing at the top of their search results.
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Are you spending valuable time hunting down health records and gathering important documents for your clients?

Do you have one secure location to store information so you can easily access it during doctors’ appointments, emergencies, or while traveling?

We have a solution for you. DIAL A PAL to help! Our P.A.L.S, Personal Advocates and Liaisons will collect, organize, and manage all of your clients’ information in one secure location utilizing our secure web app. Our affordable concierge service will allow you to focus on being an ADVOCATE, and not a medical records specialist. Let our PALS do the work for you!

To learn more about our app and P.A.L.S concierge service, visit our website at www.UnifiedHints.com and sign up for a free demo and Q&A by clicking here.
Members in the News!
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See the master list of APHA and member news mentions, located at the APHA Blog.
bullet For seniors, the isolation of social distancing can come with devastating health effects, from ABC 11 (Raleigh Durham) interviewed Nancy Ruffner, APHA member.
bullet CBC Radio Canada interviewed APHA member Susan Hagar for its All in a Day with Alan Neal program, Changing role of care managers during pandemic
bullet Jacqueline O’Doherty, APHA member, was featured in NJ.com’s Delayed coronavirus test results are causing chaos in N.J. hospitals. Here’s one family’s wrenching ordeal.
APHA Premium +ADL members: Want to respond to requests
for advocate expertise? Find them in your +ADL Connect! Discussion Forum - see the list of recent requests below.
If you are a Premium +ADL member featured in the news,
please submit the link to us.
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Online Courses for Advocates
PracticeUP! online is a sister site to APHA. APHA members may take courses for free or at a discount.

Online Learning!
Assessments and Price Estimates
for Your Work with Clients

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Reminders for +ADL members:
bullet new March Directory profile stats are available! Here's how to retrieve yours.
bullet Great marketing idea!
Add mention of coronavirus / COVID-19 to your directory profile!
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bullet Monitor requests for help!  Patients need you! Recent requests have come from:
Montana Missouri New York
Alabama Indiana Florida
... and other states and provinces!
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Reviews found on Amazon:
This handbook along with the workbook took me step by step beginning with a core understanding my own strengths. All of the details that we could easily miss when beginning this venture are covered. No reason to re-invent the wheel. Trisha Torrey has given us directions and a wonderful, strong base to build our business on.
  Covers all you need to know to start in private practice as a health advocate and get a good start. It doesn't shunt off financial and business requirements amidst a plethora of hype. This book is just what I needed.  
  Excellent book and I highly recommend to anyone starting a new business of any kind. Trisha writes with whimsy and fact and once you start you can't put it down. LOTS of wonderful how-to's. She takes you from how to develop your thoughts about your business to the marketing of your business. I can't say enough positives about this book. If you're thinking about getting this...GET IT!  
  Learn more about
The Health Advocate’s Start and Grow
Your Own Practice Handbook

Take advantage of your APHA Discount from here!
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Link to the APHA Connect
Discussion Forum

  Coronavirus / COVID-19 Forum
bullet Master List of COVID-19 Resources for Advocates
bullet hot Advocacy Best Practices with COVID-19
bullet Coronavirus Resources for Family Caregivers
bullet Responding To Trisha’s Challenge with a Covid Blog
bullet hot From the PACBoard re: exam postponements
bullet Coronavirus Info from Seattle/Ground Zero
bullet A New Attitude? Let’s Discuss!
bullet Compare Symptoms: COVID-19, Flu, Cold, Allergies
bullet hot Telehealth experience?
bullet hot End of Life Conversations - Let's Discuss
bullet NYC – Epicenter of the United States
bullet Podcast #1 is Ready for YOU: CARE Services for Advocates
bullet COVID19-Specific Resources for Advance Care Planning
bullet Using technology for #NoCOVID19Alone
bullet hot Sounding the Alarm – DNRs and Rationing
bullet SBA Stay Afloat Loans
bullet Reality Check on Ventilator Treatment
bullet Are Patient Advocates Considered “Essential Personnel”?
bullet Invitation to a COVID-19 Webinar for Advocates
  General Conversation
bullet Article re: Privacy Concerns in Telehealth
bullet OK. A little light reading for a change….
bullet Good News on Observation Status
bullet electronic signature
bullet hot On-Line Palliative Care Courses FREE
bullet Any other cancer-only advocates?
bullet Patient/Client Management Software
bullet proposal template?
bullet Any experience with Fall Alert Systems?
bullet Providers Refusing to Deal with Third Party Advocates
 +ADL Member Forum
bullet Good examples: Providing Services Online
bullet Media Request – Hospital Advocates
bullet Changes to “Observation Status” Rules and Appeals
bullet Directory Listed? A DO IT NOW Idea
bullet Patient Advocate Designation Form
bullet Communicating with clients
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