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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

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Keeping Family and Friends Informed During Your Client’s Journey

Wednesday, December 2
As advocates, we know that loved ones, family, and friends have the best of intentions when it comes to our clients and their medical circumstances. From setting up phone trees, to expecting to facetime during hospitalization, from waking up the patient from a good nap (because she got no sleep last night), to showing up with too many macaroni casseroles – they may all be very well-meaning. But that doesn’t mean they are helpful.
  Keeping tight bonds through patients’ difficult medical journeys can be very important for healing. People who care about your client want updated information, and everyone wants to be helpful. Clients want the support and appreciate the intent, but they don’t need their phones ringing 24/7, and family members and caregivers get tired of repeating updates over and over again. Maybe it’s that one-too-many casseroles that makes us realize there must be a better way.

Enter CaringBridge – just the solution! CaringBridge has been around for more than 20 years as a communications platform easily and readily available at no cost to the patients and families that use it. Whether your client is going through surgery, or chemo, or is hospitalized for a period of time – whatever it is – CaringBridge can help communicate the right details at the right time while keeping too many casseroles out your clients’ freezer.

Susan Kerber of CaringBridge will be the guest for our call. We’ll look at how advocates can support their clients through use of CaringBridge (perhaps making you the hero for bringing it to their attention.) Susan will tell us about how CaringBridge came to be, how to use it, and the many ways it has evolved to become the great tool it is.
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bullet Battle the Bill, making sure your hospital bill is accurate, featured Martine Brousse, APHA member, and was produced by Lindsay Branson, NBC News 4, Nashville.
bullet APHA Member Cindi Gatton was featured in The Rise of Telemedicine, published by POZ, media addressing the spectrum of needs of people living with HIV / AIDS.
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We apologize for any inconvenience!  This is a continuation of the massive updates and upgrades we've been doing to all APHA and PracticeUP! sites since late spring.
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  This book is well written, well organized, and contains valuable information for businesses in this field. I recommend it without reservation.  
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