Vision, Practice, and Leadership

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Vision, Practice, and Leadership

This post was contributed by Karen Mercereau, RN Patient Advocates A mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice.   Do you have a Vision? Does this Vision underlay the structure of your evolving practice? Are you a Leader in your field? We Advocates who have a vision of what we see as necessary to improve healthcare today, who are inspired to follow that, act upon it and develop that vision into a practice, have a unique opportunity to become Leaders in our fields. Let’s dig a little deeper…. The very fact that you are a patient advocate, no matter what form that practice takes, is proof that you have envisioned a positive change that is possible. Your critical thinking skills and compassion are your guides. Your ever-expanding knowledge base of your field is the working material of your practice. How might you also become a Leader in your field based upon these realizations and skills? How are vision and leadership connected? I. Presentation – how you approach your market – is one key aspect. It is by an understanding of how to present your vision, your idea for change. Oftentimes, people with great ideas are so excited about…



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