apha-peopleWe Want You Back!


In the past,  through your membership in The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates, you've been able to take advantage of a range of membership benefits, from our APHA Connect! Forum (great discussions!), to the Teleconference Expert Call-Ins (and links to podcasts afterwards), to our weekly newsletter, and of course, (if you were listed) your listing in the AdvoConnection Directory where patients and caregivers searched to find you.

We invite you to return!

Please choose from these options:


Keep the same Premium Membership you used to have.

This is the highest level of membership we have, giving you access to every benefit APHA offers except a listing in the AdvoConnection Directory.

Your renewal price is only $259.



Step up to include a listing in the AdvoConnection Directory.

You'll add +ADL to your membership, meaning Premium PLUS the AdvoConnection Directory listing.

Your renewal price is only $259.

(Once you've renewed, we invite you to link to the Directory upgrade form from your Premium Dashboard.)



List Yourself in the AdvoConnection Directory (only).

If you were previously listed in the directory, and have a track record of at least 3 years of independent advocacy, you may apply to be listed in the Directory for only $135 for 2 years, a very inexpensive way to market your practice.

Be sure you understand the differences between Premium and Directory-only listings. If that's amenable to you, then apply here.