Insurance for Your Practice: Questions & Terminology

Below you will find a link to the practice insurance providers APHA is aware of, along with the information we have about them, and contact information to help you reach out to them.

• What to Know Before You Contact Insurance Providers

  1. Know what kinds of insurance you will need. (previous page)
  2. Be familiar with the questions you'll need to ask them so you can better understand what coverage you can get, and for what cost. (on this page)
  3. Be familiar with the terminology they use so you can be sure you are comparing apples-to-apples. (on this page)
  4. Be prepared with the materials they will ask you for:
  5. Connect with all the carriers that make sense. Pricing changes frequently and you want to be sure you are getting the most coverage for your dollar.

this article is for Premium members onlyAPHA has a sample contract advocates can use for their insurance application, available to Premium and Premium +ADL members. If you are a PACE member, it may be worthwhile for you to step up to Premium membership to obtain the sample contract since it can save the thousands of dollars you would pay to an attorney to draw one up from scratch.


• Questions to Ask Insurance Providers

  • Do you cover financial damages for advocacy work?
  • Do you offer Errors & Omissions ( E&O )?
  • (If necessary for your situation) Do you also offer Professional Liability?
  • (If necessary for your situation) Do you also offer a BOP?
  • Is this policy Occurrence or Claims Made? (If the answer is Claims Made, do they also offer a Tail Policy?)
  • (If you have been doing compensated advocacy work before you acquire this policy) Does this policy cover me for prior acts?
  • FTEs: Does this policy cover just my work? Or does it cover other advocates I may employ or contract with? (Alternatively - how many FTEs does this policy cover?)  
  • At what point do I need to make a change to my insurance should I decide to hire or contract with other advocates to work with me?
  • If I decide to close my business or change to another insurer before my policy expires, do you offer refunds?


• Insurance Terminology and Definitions



Next Insurance Providers for your Practice  this article is for Premium members only

APHA offers Premium members a master list of insurers who provide the right kinds of insurance for your practice. If you are a PACE member, it may be worthwhile for you to step up to Premium membership to obtain this list since you'll find that most insurers you have access to will not offer the proper kind of insurance for advocates, as described on this site.