Pricing Your Worth

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Pricing Your Worth

This post was contributed by Caryn Isaacs, Get Health Help a mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice. You may have noticed that all of the Patient Advocate Mentors, recommend some form of business planning. We all have successful businesses because we learned to price our services in a way that fits our individual approach to doing business. I previously worked as a practice management consultant. The doctors I helped to start or expand their practices, never wanted to take the time to develop a pricing strategy for their services. They allowed the insurance companies to dictate what they would get paid. This led to a price war, to the bottom of the health care dollar. This in turn, caused many doctors to go out of business. Each Patient Advocate has their own unique path to follow. After deciding on the services that you will offer, the next step is to put a value price on each item. It must be a dollar amount that will cover your costs and make you a profit. In the current marketplace, there are no rules as to who can advertise advocacy services. It is tempting to look at other Patient Advocates…



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