compass image - orientationAPHA Membership Orientation Guide

For PACE, PACE International, and PACE Trial Members

This Guide is intended to help you jump in with both feet, to help you find some of the help you need, and to help you connect with others. Once you've made yourself at home, found the refrigerator, the bathroom and the comfy couch, you may not need this page any further. But feel free to stop by at any time. You'll find us linked from your My APHA Dashboard.

  (T) indicates Trial members cannot access this information. 
  (PACE Trial Members are restricted from some areas of the site.)

reserved for premium members onlyindicates an article or area accessible only to Premium or Premium +ADL members.

The Alliance is represented by 2 different websites

  • which includes hundreds of articles, checklists, and podcasts, and more, plus access to our networking and discussion forum site:  APHA Members Connect!
  • which is the directory of advocates used by the public to find the help they need.
  • There are many additional sites (Educational Programs, Workshops, Books and more) but they do not require any sort of login. They are all accessible from your dashboard.

(T) indicates areas that Trial members may not access.


This is the site you are on now, where you'll find all the information resources to support your development and growth as a patient / health advocate or care manager as they relate to the business of being in practice, or client services - care or cost. Find articles, podcasts, links, access to advisors, registration forms for various APHA activities, and more. Find login information below.

APHA Connect logo

2.  APHA Connect! (T)
As its name implies, APHA Connect! is where you network and connect with other members. This is our discussion forum and Special Interest Group (SIG) area of myAPHA. You'll find robust discussions that range from general announcements, to client service, to the business of advocacy conversation, even discussion of general news at APHA Connect! We invite you to post challenges, ask questions, respond to others, promote good resources - whatever conversation you'd have over coffee (or tea!) - APHA Connect! is the place to connect with others who share your interests or from whom you can learn.

AdvoConnection Directory logo

3.  AdvoConnection (The AdvoConnection Directory) (T)
Perhaps the biggest benefit offered by The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates is the ability to be listed in the premier online directory of private advocates and care managers. As a PACE member, you are not eligible to be listed in the directory, but clear and easy instructions for upgrading your membership to make you eligible can be found linked from your PACE dashboard.

We'll begin our orientation with


Step 1: Log In

Log in to your MyAPHA Member Dashboard from 
You may use either your ID (the one you chose when you signed up) or your email address.


Step 2: Email

Important!  Make sure you'll get the email you need from APHA.

To prevent your email system from identifying APHA email as spam, we provide instructions for "whitelisting" us.  This is particularly important if you use AOL email.


image - search boxStep 3: Search

Whatever you may be looking for, you can find it in a SEARCH. 
needsearchhelpFind a search box at the very top, and very bottom of every page.

If you have trouble searching, or if you want to search some of the other APHA-related sites, we provide some extra support: How and Where to Search


Step 4: Learn Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard - see the Dashboard Key below: the alphabet of references in this image.

We suggest you open a second browser window, and reference back and forth between your REAL dashboard, and this image of it.

(Trial Member:  your Dashboard will look slightly different since you are not a full member yet.)

The PACE Dashboard Key

Note:  These are just descriptions of what is behind each of the tabs on the Dashboard.

Link to all these areas from the Dashboard itself.

A.  Manage Your Account: From here you can change your password, find out when your membership renews, refer a new member, and more.

B.  Ready to upgrade to a Premium Membership?  Instructions are found from this link.

C.  Announcements: Will be updated on occasion as new information warrants.

D. APHA Agendas: If you miss one, or if you want to read back issues, you'll find the most recent 4-5 editions here.

E. Quick Links: These are the areas of the site that are used frequently and require short-cuts. Take some time to click on each one to make yourself familiar with the many things you can actually "do" through your membership.

F. Link to the ORB: The APHA Online Resource Bank  This is the heart of information you'll need to create and build your practice, and serve your clients.  The ORB contains all the information centers:  from Legal, to Insurance, to Marketing, Opportunities and more.

G. Recently Added: Any new information added will be featured here, from articles to podcasts, external links and more.

H.  Take a test run!  Among APHA's biggest benefits are the dozens of experts we've tapped over the years through our Call-ins system.  We've podcast the great majority.  Check them out - and get signed up for an upcoming call!


APHA Connect logoStep 5:  The AC on the image above = APHA Connect! (T)

Learn how to get started - then join the conversation!.



Step 6: Finally....

Now that you're a member of The Alliance of Professional Health Advocates we invite you to show your pride, and to tell the world about it!  Find logos to add to your website and print material, and a template for a press release to share with your local media.


quick-suggestionIf you have questions or feedback, we invite you to connect with us through the Suggestion Box which you'll find linked from almost every page on this membership site.  We want to hear from you!