Exceeding Expectations

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Exceeding Expectations

This post was contributed by Linda Adler, Pathfinders Medical, a mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice.   I recently spent a weekend visiting my old college campus. I was eager to return to the city I had adored in my youth, the place that had such a deep impact on my adulthood. But I wasn’t sure where to stay, given that the city had grown dramatically, and there were so many unfamiliar options in areas that didn’t even exist in my day. So I went with what I knew, an historic hotel in the heart of the old downtown, close to my first apartment. I made sure to keep my expectations low, given the age of the building, and I figured I’d trade charm and convenience for the newer, more upscale options. Upon arrival, we were surprised to find ourselves in a suite, complete with an enormous, well-appointed living room. A couple of hours later, hungry from the trip, we entered the hotel dining room, and were delighted to see a newly refurbished sitting area and a reworked menu that featured local fish and healthy vegetables: score! Each day thereafter, there was some little detail that delighted…



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