apha-peopleReady to Upgrade Your APHA Membership?

The answer is YES! If...

  • You hope to gain access to additional benefits such as access to contracts, participation in APHA activities such as the APHA Connect! Discussion Forum, or Expert Call-ins, or access to patient requests for help (Find a list of benefit comparisons here.)
  • You wish to expand your AdvoConnection Directory listing. (Find a side-by-side profile comparison here.)
  • You would like access to additional marketing materials and to participate in annual initiatives like Private Professional Patient Advocates Week.
  • You would like to apply for the Schueler Patient Advocacy Compass Award.
  • ... or for any other reason that will move your independent, private, advocacy career choice forward.

What Does It Cost to Upgrade?

upgrade to premium membershipA first year Premium membership is usually $289. However, since Directory Only Memberships are no longer available, we have reduced that cost to $259 for your first year.


If you have been a Directory Only member for less than the time period you paid for, then you will receive credit for the unused months still left on your listing.  (Example:  you paid $135 for two years, and you still have 14 months left. That's an $80 credit.)

Further, if you are a member of, or participant in one of the APHA Affiliate Organizations, you'll also receive a $30 credit.

How to Upgrade to APHA Premium Membership

It's not difficult! Here are the steps.

upgrade to premium membership


Questions? info@aphadvocates.org