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APHA Agenda (Weekly Newsletter)
March 24 Coronavirus / COVID-19 Advocacy Update #2: resources being added daily, Your Independent Advocacy or Care Management Practice in a Time of Coronavirus / COVID-19, Tools for Use During the COVID-19 Crisis, Marketing idea for +ADL members, PracticeUP! coupon for courses, Discussion Forums and more.
March 17 Coronavirus updates, Deducting Advocacy from Income Taxes, Your Clients and Medical Cannabis, 5 Star Reviews, Use Your Calendar to Make You More Efficient, Effective, Creative, and Successful, APHA Connect! Forum
March 10 Patient Advocates and the Coronavirus, Your Clients and Medical Cannabis, What would you like to teach or learn?, Bootcamps, good luck on the BCPA exam, 5 Star Reviews, Members in the News, and more.
March 3 Save BIG Money on Prescription Drugs by Purchasing from Foreign Pharmacies, Let's Play Jeopardy!, Talk to Strangers, Call-in - today, 5-star Reviews, Serchers Can't Spell, Bravo!, Extend Your Membership, and more.
February 25 Physicians Buying In – Bring on the Patient Advocates, 5 Little Words Save Money on Healthcare, Call-in - Insurance for Your Practice, Orlando Bootcamps - get registered!, 5-star reviews, Pricing Your services, and more.
February 18 Are you the Chicken? or the Pig?, Tax Time! Can You Deduct the Cost of Your Patient Advocate?, Podcast: Adding Guardianship to Your Advocacy Practice, Understanding Insurance for Your Practice, ICOPA Call for Presentations, 5 Star Reviews, Red Flag Report, Connect Discussion Forum
February 11 Danger Lurks at Big Box and Chain Pharmacies, Advance Directives as an Advocacy Service, Call-in today, 5 Star Reviews, ICOPA Call for Presentations, Connect Discussion Forum
February 4 Charging on a Sliding Scale Just Creates a Can of Worms, Sorry. That's Not Good Enough, Earn a CE, Members in the News, New Courses, Bravo for SEO, ICOPA - hold the date!, and more.

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