A Patient Advocate’s Life

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A Patient Advocate’s Life

This video post was contributed by Caryn Isaacs, Get Health Help a mentor for those who are building an advocacy practice.   A Patient Advocate’s Life Caryn Isaacs Are you prepared to help people regardless of your feelings towards them? Ask yourself: Do you like to get involved in other people’s problems and to take control of the situation? Do you like to get involved in complex issues? Do you like to listen to what others are saying? Are you in good health and physically able to care for otthers? Are you able to distance yourself from situations? Are you able to evaluate and prioritize? Are you able to communicate effectively? Do you like to talk about yourself and patient advocacy? These are the things patient advocates do. They also: Research diagnoses and conditions. Liaison with families and other professionals. Monitor and improve lifestyles. A career in patient advocacy can be very rewarding. A mentor will help you think through these issues.   Find Caryn’s Mentor Listing.   Learn more about Caryn’s approach to mentoring. Meet other mentors who are available to help you. Suggest a Topic for this Blog Return to the Master List of Health &…



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